Top 10 Tips for Termite Mitigation

How to reduce the risk of termite attacks on your home/property:

  1. Trim all trees, bushes and other dense vegetation away from the house.
  2. Do not place garden beds/ mulch or allow vegetation to grow against the house.
  3. Remove dead trees and stumps from the yard and store timbers/ firewood off the ground.
  4. Do not leave timbers, pallets, cardboard or paper laying on the ground.
  5. Do not obstruct termite barriers by storing items against the house.
  6. Prevent moisture build-up around the house by regularly cleaning out your gutters/ valleys and repairing any leaky gutters, down pipes, taps and water lines.
    Ensure all stormwater, down pipes and AC drip lines drain away from the house, preferably to a suitable drain.
  7. Maintain good site drainage; keep surface water drains clear and rectify any ponding/ drainage issues around the property.
  8. Maintain good ventilation to sub-floors/ decks, keep them clear of obstructions/ debris, especially timber and cardboard.
  9. Maintain 75mm clearance of the ground around the base of all timbers, wall claddings and weep holes.
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If you suspect termites

If you suspect or have found termite activity on your property, ensure you follow the guidelines following to avoid further damage.

Do not touch or disturb the termites or surrounding area.

If disturbed, cover the area from light. Do not try to spray or kill the termites.

Contact your local Pest Management Company to come and deal with them appropriately. using the latest technologies in detection and chemicals to kill right back to the termite next and Queen, ensuring a lasting outcome.

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