Top 5 Tips for Home Maintenance and Longevity! #2

Fences & Gates

Prolong the life of your fences by maintaining any paint on them in good condition. Ensure the pailings/sheeting and rails are free from contact with the ground or moisture sources. Check for rusting of the fixings/nails and loose boards. Rectify/replace where necessary.

Retaining Walls

Walls should be upright and free from wood rot, termies and have good drainage.  If any faults are found, rectify them as necessary.

Living Rooms & Bedrooms

Ensure you keep all rooms clean with the usual cleaning products/methods. Avoid harsh cleaning chemicals and wipe down wet surfaces after use.

Check for cracked tiles, broken deteriorated silicon and any obvious water stains/leaks.


Keep floors clean and dry. If you notice the floor is slumping or undulating, doors are sticking and cracking to walls; there could be an issue with the foundations.

Ensure that you get all your concerns looked over by the appropriate people and amend as necessary to prevent things from getting worse.

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